Brief History

Born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, I spent the first 18 years of my life in a neighbouring town, Mirfield. As I studied GCSE’s at Mirfield Free Grammar school, rugby became a main interest in my life that has followed me through to Adulthood, playing for town and county.

Whilst at school, my love for music developed. I played the drums for the school Jazz band where I was able to play in Bruges, Belgium. This is where the idea of becoming an architect first spurred!

Heckmondwike sixth Form is where I studied my A-Levels before leaving Mirfield. Whilst At college, I was involved in numerous rock bands.

Once college was over I moved to Leeds to study Architecture at Leeds school of Architecture, Landscape and Design.

Who I am

I’m an ambitious, energetic person, who likes to push the boundaries, daring to break down social and political barriers through design, taking calculated risks to create a better environment for people to live in. I’m a hands on designer, and like to make models and sketch, and paint throughout the design process before using the PC as I feel PC’s only limit the creative process.

However, once the designing is complete I enjoy mixing the media, using various styles of graphical representation to show the scheme in its entirety. Presentations are one of my key skills, getting the views to connect with the scheme.

Generally speaking I am very easy to get on with and I can turn my hand to anything. Working in a team or independently I can be trusted to knuckle down and get on with the work at hand.


1.    When I design I take inspiration from Japanese architecture, letting nature flow in through the building. Obliterating the   distinction between the man made world and the natural world to produce a better place to live and work.

2.    I take inspiration from Scandinavian design, thinking freely when it comes to creating any type of architecture. The use of open spaces, social spaces, reducing the notion of who is in control to produce a better work environment and social order (shared space)

3.    A key belief I stick by:

Nostalgia prevents creativity. We are making history now, so demolishing old buildings to create something that serves a purpose may have to happen. Don’t forget, we are creating history now.